English from High School to University


What? English is not an easy subject. Transition from high school to university makes it even harder! You'll find the university English prof has different expectations from your Grade 12 English teacher. This program aims to improve the fundamental skills of critical reading, thinking and writing -- the key to success in the junior univeristy English courses -- and assists smooth transition from high school to university English course.


For whom? 


  • High school students who want a smooth transition to university English course.

  • EAL students who need to succeed in the English courses offered by Canadian universities.

  • Anyone who is interested in reading and writing at the Grade 12 and first-year university level. 


Note: Both individual and group tutorials are availableContact for more information.



University English Essay Tutorials


What? Essay-writing takes 50% or more of your university English course grade. To get good marks for your English essays is critical to your academic success. This program is a one-on-one tutorial series that aims to help you raise your English essay marks. You will be working with an experienced professor who has been teaching English in Canadian universities. 


Whom? Students who are taking university English courses and wish to get a mark above A-. 


How much? $80 per essay, including editing and a 30-minutes face-to-face consultation. 


When? BOOK TUTORIAL HOURS NOW before your essays are due!



English Writing across Discipline


Our service does not limit only to English subject. If you're an engineer student or a students of science program who needs to improve your lab report or other writing assignments of your own field, you'll have the best service from university professors whose years of experience will guarantee you an A-level paper. 



ESL Tutorials include but not limited to 


  • composition tutorials for TOEFL and IELTS

  • English reading and writing skills at high school and unviersity levels

  • preparation tutorials for NAIT's English Language Proficience Assessment Test


Fee: Fee varies depending on different tutorial levels and whether it is individual or group tutorial. Email for a free estimation. 




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