Re-Orienting China: Travel Writing and Cross-Culture Understanding. Regina, Canada: University of Regina Press, 2016.


     Doctoral Dissertation


The Question of Cross-cultural Understanding in the Transcultural Travel Narratives about Post-1949 China. The University of Alberta. April 2010.


     Refereed Journal Articles


The Horizon of Cross-Cultural Understanding: A Case Study of Jock T. Wilson’s One Chinese Moon. Studies in Travel Writing (Spring 2010): 77-96.


Enlightened Ambivalence: Arrival and Departure in Peter Hessler’s River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze. Genre 29 (2009): 53-69.


Chinese translation of Jean DeBernardi's “Remaking Tradition in a World in Motion: Towards a Theory of Globalization and Religious Modernity.” China Journal of Social Sciences Series 27 (2009): 142-47.


Both Seer and Seen: Reading Colin Thubron in the Age of Postcoloniality. Crossing Boundaries: An Interdisciplinary Journal 1. 2 (2006): 15 pars. <>.


Hetty Sorrel, Infanticide and the Articulation of the Ideology of Motherhood.

Comparative Literature: East and West (May 2004): 43-54.


The Motif of Infanticide in Western Literature and the Reconstruction of the

Ideology of Motherhood (in Chinese). Journal of South China Normal

University (Philosophy & Social Sciences Edition) 3 (2003): 52-56.


      Book Chapters


​​Cleaning Sarah's Room. Home: Stories Connecting Us All. Eds. Tololwa M. Mollel and Scott Sabo. November 2017. pp. 67-69.

Cross-Cultural Understanding and Canadian Literature Studies. Transplanting Canada: Seedlings. Eds. Marie Carriere and Jerry White. Edmonton: Canadian Literature Centre, 2009. pp. 112-17.


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The Hundred Secret Senses: Beyond Chinese Superstition. Journal of International Languages Teaching and Studies. No. 1. American Scholars Press, 2003. pp. 93-94.


      Book Reviews


Shoshanna Ganz. Eastern Encounters: Canadian Women’s Writing about the East, 1867-1929, in process.


Paul Smethurst & Julia Kuehn. New Directions in Travel Writing, in ARIEL 49.3 (July 2018).


R. Radhakrishnan. History, the Human, and the World Between, in ARIEL 41.1 (January 2011): 183-86.


      Magazines and Pamphlets


Response to Patrick Brown's book review of Barbarian Lost: Travels in New China by Alexandre Trudeau. Literary Review of Canada (24.9) November 2016. 32.


China and the West: Toward a Productive Coexistence. To Boldly Go: Charting Our Common Future, University of Alberta’s 25th International Week Feb. 1-5, Edmonton, 2010.


Wentao Pai An: Another Progress in China. Fifty3 Magazine (2005): 30-31. (Note: “Wentao Pai An” is a program of Phoenix TV Chinese Channel disclosing contemporary Chinese social problems through real stories.)


Tourist Guides to China: Questioning the Accuracy of Travel Literature. The University of Alberta Bursts with new Research. Senate—Faculty of Graduate Students and Research—VP (Research), University of Alberta, Edmonton. 2006.



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