Insightful essays about literary translation:


July 23, 2018. "The Art of Translation" by Jessica Moore

May 9, 2019. "Will Translated Fiction Really Break Through?" by Chad Post


June 26, 2019. "How Translators Are saving the World" by Olga Tokarczuk

July 1, 2019, "Notes from the Classroom: On Teaching Translation" by Jenny Mcphee

July 28, 2020, "Neither Here and There: The Misery and Splendor of (Reverse) Translation" by Ekaterina Petrova 

Interviews of literary translators:


"The Translator Relay: Bill Johnston"

my strong preference is to leave many cultural details in place, not so much to “make the text resistant,” but to do what I can to maintain the integrity of the source culture

Informative sources about literary translation:

Literary journals to submit to:

Women in Translation:

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